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BodyTone Studio


Tones and flattens the abdominal area.


Helps build leaner, stronger toned muscles.



Aids greater mobility and flexibility. 

Coolmine BodyTone Studio 

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Simple to use and easy to operate for all age groups



Gives you aerobic and body conditioning benefits.


Well designed & Orthopaedically safe. 

Coolmine BodyTone Studio 


Improves posture and body awareness.

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A safe, smooth, zero joint impact exercise programme.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.30am-2pm & 4-8pm

Saturdays 10-1.30pm

€280 for 12 months


Weekly option:

€80 joining fee

€8 per week thereafter

Terms and conditions apply

Membership covers:

Fitness Assessment on joining

 (includes Blood pressure, body measurements & weight)

Full training in equipment use

Re-assessment after initial 6-8 weeks

Unlimited Studio usage 

(subject to availability, all visits must be booked)

Swimming at members swim times

Discounts on Swimming lessons & Aqua Fit classes (yearly members only)

Call 8214 549 (Main Reception) or 8249186 (BodyTone Studio)



What is Power Assisted Exercise?

Power assisted exercise is the use of the tables and chairs which incorporates motors to assist the user in achieving the range of movement required. Power assisted equipment permits the user, if they wish, to add their contribution to the exercise for extra benefit

The Toning Tables and chairs form a series of power assisted exercise machines, suitable for any shape or size. Each machine is designed to target isolated areas of the body through a range of motions, without requiring too much effort by the user – unless desired. Anyone can use the machines. The gentle movement makes the tables and chairs particularly suitable for people with
mobility issues and therefore regular exercise problems.



Power Assisted Research

Several studies are being conducted at both UK and American University level

These studies involved middle-aged women who partook in little or no exercise and led
a sedentary lifestyle. The results found that:

• Their flexibility usually improved dramatically
• In many cases their blood pressure improved
• In most cases there was a very marked feeling of wellbeing.


Power Assisted exercise is ideal for: 

• Overweight • Middle aged • Elderly • Unfit • Out of Shape •
• Frail • Lacking in muscle tone •
• Those with poor posture or joint problems

• MS, Fibromyalgia, Osteophorosis and can be ideal for pre and post surgury for preparation and rehabilitation